Dear colleagues!

With this letter we are glad invite you to the



dedicated to academician Leon Orbeli,

which will be held on October 19-24, 2020


The XVI Conference on Evolutionary Physiology will be held from the 19th  to 21st  October 2020 at the Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russia. The IX School on Evolutionary Physiology will be held on 22-24 October 2020 in one of the suburbs of  St. Petersburg.

The Organizing Committee of the Conference will be grateful for your suggestions about organization of this Conference and School. Your suggestions please, send to the Organizing

From May 5, 2020 you can register with abstract submission and online payment on the Conference site – Please go through the link «register».  If there will be any problems – please, contact

In the preliminary program of the Conference and School on Evolutionary Physiology are planned the following symposiums:  

  1. Evolution of sensory systems (moderators: Ostrovsky M.A., Firsov M.L.)
  2. Adaptation of children organism to extreme conditions (moderator: Soroko S.I.)
  3. Age-related physiology (moderators: Galperina E.I., Palchik A.B.)
  4. The homeostasis physiological mechanisms evolution and their regulation (moderator: Nikiforov A.A.)
  5. Ontogenesis and evolution (moderators: Zhuravin I.A., Vasilev D.S., Gulyaeva N.V.)
  6. Synaptic and extrasynaptic signal transmission mechanisms: phylogenetic, ontogenetic and pathogenetic aspects (moderators: Magazanik L.G., Zaitsev A.V., Kim K.H.)
  7. Endocrine system: molecular mechanisms, evolution and pathogenesis (moderators: Shpakov A.O., Petrenko A.G., Ordyan N.E., Bazhan N.M.)
  8. Muscular plasticity: norm and pathology (moderators: Shenkman B.S., Krivoi I.I., Tsaturyan A.K., Bakeeva L.E.)
  9. Integrative physiology (moderator: Filaretova L.P.)
  10. Gravitational physiology and its applications in clinical medicine (moderators: Orlov O.I. Shenkman B.S., Vinogradova O.L., Tomilovskaya E.S.)
  11. Evolutionary and ontogenetic approaches to the study of pathologies (moderator: Shpakov A.O.)
  12. Сognitive neurophysiology (moderator: Shemyakina N.V., Nagornova Zh.V., Hoferichter F.)

You can select the preferable section while submitting abstract. The final decision on the form of participation and section to attend will be done by the Conference Program Committee.

Materials of theoretical and experimental studies are accepted, using physiological, biochemical, genetic, molecular-biological, biophysical, morphological, clinical approaches, as well as using evolutionary and ontogenetic approaches.

Form of presentation on the Conference: oral presentations (lectures and talks); poster sessions; round tables.

As part of the School work there will be presented lectures of  leading specialists on sharp and actual problems of modern evolutionary, molecular physiology and biochemistry. We expect  poster presentations of experimental studies from the participants of the School, as well as participation in discussions and round tables. There will be held the competition of scientific and experimental studies for young scientists, the best studies  will be awarded by diplomas from the jury of the competition.

Requirements to  abstracts:

The text size of abstracts (excluding name and affiliation) is 2000 characters with spaces, Times New Roman, font size – 12, line spacing of text – 1. The title should be  in the capital letters. Tables are not allowed. One black-white picture can be downloaded.

If you apply on  Russian it is necessary to add the title of abstract,  authors (affiliation and city) in English (see more instructions on the site).  Please also be sure, that there is contact e-mail and supporting grants are presented in the abstract.  And as the following  you can also upload the English version of abstract with the same volume if you want.

If you apply on  English –  you attach all necessary information only in English.

Deadline for thesis application is the 1st of July 2020.

The program of the Conference and School will be fully presented after 10th of July 2020.

Registration fee:

The registration fee for all participants of the Conference is 3000 rubles (about 40 euro) and 1800 rubles (about 23 euro) in the School.  Registration fee for both activities (Conference and School) is 4000 rubles (around 50 euro). A 50% discount will be granted for students, PhD students. The registration fee includes abstract books in electronic form. The cost of a printed copy of the book of abstracts is 300 rubles.

To pay the registration fee  you need to conclude a contract. The details are available on the conference website: